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CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) – A 24-year-old woman from Sacramento, Calif. was arrested at Buffalo Niagara International Airport Tuesday night after what is being described as “unruly behavior.”

The pilot was reportedly preparing to take off, but because of the disorderly passenger, had to return to the gate when the incident occurred. 

“Cynthia McKnight faces a number of charges including disorderly conduct, harassment, trespass and criminal mischief,” Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Director of Public Affairs Helen Tederous said. “According to detectives, McKnight actually opened the cabin door of the plane. The American Airlines flight was on route to Chicago.”

Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Spencer Brown was on the plane as the incident occurred and tweeted about it afterward.

“Sitting on a plane. A lady is pissed,” Brown said. “Lady pulls the emergency inflatable slide to escape the plane. Lady is running wild through the tarmac currently. Cops have arrived. Flight ruined. Memories made. Noice”

He capped off the post with a thumbs up emoji and later posted a photo of the slide on the tarmac from his spot on the plane.

Local attorney Alfonzo Cutaia also tweeted his view of the incident.