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(KTLA) – They say you can’t walk past your reflection in a mirror without looking at it. That may be true of mountain lions as well.

Video from a woman’s home in Big Bear City, California, shows a mountain lion that seemed shocked when it saw its reflection in a glass window. The big cat can be seen flinching as it first passes the window – then curiosity takes over.

The viewer whose camera captured the footage said it happened about 4 a.m. Tuesday.

She said the video was “too good to not share.”

Mountain lions live across California but thrive the most in dense foothills and mountains, making the San Bernardino National Forest an ideal environment for them. The mountain lion didn’t appear to be tracked by a collar, indicating it might be an adolescent or younger cat.

People are advised not to crouch down or run away if they come face-to-face with a mountain lion, according to animal services.

Mountain lions are solitary and elusive, and typically avoid people by nature.

It’s not known why mountain lions venture out to neighborhoods, but wildlife experts say that as the human population expands into mountain lion habitat, there will be more frequent sightings. 

Experts offer this advice to any Californian who encounters a mountain lion:

  • Never approach a mountain lion. Give them an escape route.
  • Do not run. Stay calm. Do not turn your back. Face the animal, make noise and try to look bigger.
  • Do not crouch down or bend over.