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(WTAJ) — An asteroid the size of a skyscraper will pass Earth Sunday, making its closest approach to our planet in almost 100 years, according to NASA.

Asteroid 2022 KY4 is between 220 and 492 feet in diameter and it travels at an estimated 16,900 mph. KY4 is considered an Amor-class asteroid, meaning it orbits between Earth and Mars.

NASA says the giant rock will miss our planet by about 3.8 million miles.

In the past, the rock has made close encounters with earth, most recently in 1959. After Sunday, we won’t see it this close until May 2048.

It still reaches NASA’s classification of “potentially hazardous” because it orbits within 4.7 million miles of Earth and measures greater than 140 meters in size.

There are no asteroids that currently pose a significant risk of impacting Earth within the next 100 years, according to NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular meteor showers – the Perseid Meteor Shower – is underway. While it won’t reach its peak until August, you still have the chance to see dozens of meteors streak through the night sky, as long as the moon isn’t too bright.