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Correction: A previous version of this story misattributed a speaker’s quotes to a different member of the victim’s family.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) – The sister of Shanquella Robinson, the American woman who died while on a vacation with friends in Mexico, held a press conference Wednesday, venting frustration with the investigation into her sibling’s death.

“No one has been arrested,” Quilla Long said.

Robinson, 25, was in Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends celebrating someone’s birthday in October. Mexican authorities described what happened to her as an attack.

Agency likely to help with arrest warrant in Shanquella Robinson’s death

The death certificate, obtained by Nexstar’s WJZY, lists the cause of death as severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation, which is instability in the uppermost vertebrae.

Video obtained by WJZY showed Robinson being slammed to the floor by someone in a resort hotel room.

An arrest warrant has been issued for one of the friends. This person’s name has not officially been released.

“No arrests have been made,” Long told media on Wednesday. When asked if there’s any updates, she simply said, “We can’t say anything, they’re working on it.”

In response to a question about her idea of justice, Long said she wanted “everybody being arrested and doing time in Mexico … everybody extradited over there and doing time over there. That’ll be justice for us, as of now.”

A “Justice for Shanquella” event will take place Saturday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Little Rock AME Zion Church.