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HONOLULU (KHON) — Passengers aboard Sunday’s Hawaiian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu got more than complimentary lunch — they were treated to a familiar, and famous, face behind the flight attendant cart.

“Aloha Kakahiaka. Good morning guests, this is Jason Momoa.”

Momoa, star of ‘Aquaman’ and a beloved Hawaii native, handed out bottles of Mananalu water on the flight, as part of the partnership with the airline. A viral Tiktok shared the moment, showing the “hottest steward” pulling the beverage cart and handing out water while sporting a flower tucked behind his ear.

The concept of Mananalu, Momoa’s water brand, came to him on a flight where he noticed water bottles in single-use plastic bottles but other beverages in aluminum cans, his website explains. He took that moment and turned it into Mananalu, which distributes its water in recyclable, aluminum bottles.

Hawaiian Airlines started serving the 16-ounce bottles to Premium Cabin guests in April and replaced single-use plastic water bottles in the Pau Hana snack cart on continental U.S. flights.

Guests on the flight were also given 10,000 Hawaiian miles.

“I started Mananalu to give people a better option than single-use plastic and create a wave of positive change,” Momoa shared. “For every bottle of Mananalu sold, we remove one bottle of plastic from ocean-going waste.” 

The partnership has eliminated 35,000 items of plastic in the first two months and anticipates the yearly average to be hundreds of thousands.

Momoa is back in Hawaii after being involved in a collision with a motorcyclist in California last week.

Authorities say the motorcyclist crossed the centerline and went “directly into the path of Jason Momoa’s vehicle,” a 1970 Oldsmobile. The man was ejected but suffered only minor, non-life-threatening injuries.