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(WXIN) – Fan of Jack and Coke? Soon, you’ll be able to get the classic cocktail pre-mixed in a can.

Coca-Cola and Brown-Forman Corporation, the parent company of Jack Daniels Tennesse Whiskey, announced the partnership this week. It’ll bring Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola together in the same can to mimic the classic mixed beverage.

A prototype black can recalls both the label of Jack Daniels as well as the older Coke Zero can. The companies said the cans will be clearly marked to distinguish them from regular soda.

The drink will be available around the world, although its initial launch is scheduled for Mexico in late 2022. It will be sold in both regular and zero sugar versions.

The alcohol beverage volume (ABV) is expected to be about 5%. It will, however, vary by market, the companies said.

A U.S. launch is expected next year, according to CNN.