(KTLA) – The classic Haribo gummy bears — technically called Haribo Goldbears — have been around for over 100 years, but one of the flavors still has fans shocked. It’s the green gummy of the pack.

A social media post recently resurfaced on Reddit showing the different flavors and many were taken aback when they learned that the green flavor wasn’t what they thought it was.

Many assumed the flavor was either a green apple, lime, or even watermelon.

It turns out the flavor is actually strawberry, as confirmed on Haribo’s site. The actual breakdown of Haribo Goldbears flavors is:


But conversation over the green gummy set Twitter ablaze with one user suggesting the authorities weigh in.

“[I’m] calling the police over whether the green Haribo gummy bears are strawberry or apple,” the person jokingly tweeted.

Another person had a moment as they came to terms with the truth.

“Twenty years of living and it’s only now that I figured out that the green Haribo gummy bear is actually strawberry flavored,” another one said.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know that the green Haribo gummy bear is strawberry flavored and not lime?!” a third person asked.

However, one person touted their candy expertise for always knowing the flavor.

“Y’all wildn’ if you didn’t know the green Haribo gummy bear was Strawberry. #candyconnoisseur,” the consumer tweeted.

Gummy bears vs. Goldbears

Whenever you look at a package of Haribo Goldbears you may experience Mandela Effect — didn’t they used to be called “Gummy Bears” or “Gummi Bears”? When did they become “Goldbears”?

The answer is pretty clear: gummy bears are merely the type of candy (and are made by other companies), while Goldbears are Haribo’s branded variety of gummy bears. As Smithsonian Magazine reports, German confectioner Hans Riegel Sr., founder of Haribo, was the first to make gummies in the shapes of bears, starting back in the 1920s.

While Haribo’s creation (originally called “Dancing Bears” predate other American creations, those manufacturers may have been introduced to American consumers first.

“Haribo is the original creator of the gummy bear, and we’re so excited to celebrate the 100th birthday of our iconic Goldbears in unique and meaningful ways,” says Rick LaBerge, chief operating officer of Haribo of America, said in a January 2022 statement.

Meanwhile, if you’re still wondering, gummy bear candies became so popular in the 1980s that Disney even created an original cartoon — with an earworm of a theme song — centered around “real-life” bears, in Disney Afternoon’s “Adventures of the Gummi Bears.”

As explained by the series co-creator Jymn Magon in 2016, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner was a huge fan of the idea of a series about the magic juice-drinking bears, even though many at Disney thought the idea was odd.

“We went into a coffee shop and kinda looked at each other and scratched our heads and said, ‘He’s crazy,’” Magon told the Great Big Beautiful Podcast in 2016, as reported by Mental Floss.

The series ran for 65 episodes and is currently streamable on Disney+.