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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Several women in Nashville claim they are being tracked by unknown devices, fearful they are being targeted by criminals.

Ellie Tindall tells News 2 it happened to her Wednesday night, realizing she was tracked from West Nashville to Germantown after receiving a notification on her phone. 

“I was helping a friend move out of her apartment and my car trunk was open and it was unlocked, and I was going in and out with boxes and loads of her things,” Tindall said.

That’s when she believes an Apple AirTag tracking device was placed on her car.

“It was in fact installed there because my phone told me that it was connected to my car at 9:38 p.m. and I arrived home at like 10:53. I had a notification that an unknown accessory was following my location and has been with me since before I got to her house, so it’s been with me since I was at my friend’s house moving her out,” she explained. 

Tindall said she was aware of other similar incidents occurring with AirTags from social media.

“I went outside to check it out because I saw this on TikTok that this is a thing criminals are doing for robbery or sex trafficking. When I went outside to go look for the tag there was two men in hoodies standing by my car waiting, and the second they saw me open the door with three men they turned around and sprinted down the street,” Tindall said.

Police were called, but she says they were unable to find a tracking device.

“The cops were saying how they will put it on your car and they will follow you home, and then it’s connected to your car. So when you leave your house they will break into your home,” said Tindall.

She added that her friend’s car was also broken into.

Tindall is now sharing her story with hopes to prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

“I really hope this will save someone else that’s in a similar situation. (It’s) extremely scary. I just kind of thought to myself like, if I was walking to my car late at night like it could have been a way worse situation.”

News 2 found a number of similar stories in Nashville on social media.

Metro police shared a similar incident report from earlier in December from downtown, but a tracking device was never found.  

Metro police added that a TikTok video caused concern earlier this month that criminals were using the devices for human trafficking. However, they point out that they haven’t had any confirmed local cases related to trafficking.