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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dodge has announced plans to discontinue its iconic muscle cars— the Charger and Challenger.

CBS reports the car company plans to wrap up production on the two gas-powered sedans in 2023 and will begin transitioning into electric vehicles.

On Wednesday, Dodge unveiled an electric Charger Daytona SRT concept, which is similar to the model that will be produced in 2024 once the gas-powered models are discontinued.

Along with Infinitis, the two muscle cars have been at the center of many crime-related incidents in the Memphis area. Police have arrested multiple individuals for drag racing in the Dodges. Usually, it’s later revealed that the cars have been stolen.

The production discontinuance could possibly ease up carjackings in the future.

Next year, Dodge will feature their last lineup of the two muscle cars with special-edition models of the Demon, Hellcat, Redeye, Scat Pack, Shaker, Jailbreak and a seventh model. Each of the models will have a “Last Call” plaque under the hood.