Naked child molestation suspect detained by armed Georgia father

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NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia father was forced to pull out a gun to protect his family from a naked man at a public park.

According to WSB-TV, the dad was at the park with his family and fellow church members feeding the less fortunate when the naked man approached them.

The man was asked to leave and he did eventually. However, he didn’t stay away for long.

He eventually came back and that’s when he allegedly ran directly up to the kids. Again, the man was asked to leave. When he didn’t move, that’s when this father took matters into his own hands.

The dad said he grabbed his gun and gave chase as another family member called 911.

The suspect, Josten Meeler, was eventually taken into custody and charged with child molestation, public indecency and being under the influence.

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