Memphis NAACP voices stance as people protest the death of George Floyd


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Chapter of the NAACP announced their stance on the situation surrounding the death of George Floyd and the violence against black men and women in the country.

Members gathered to speak on the violence during a news conference on Monday.

“All of us are working together to make sure no one else ends up here like George Floyd,” one member said.

The group called for action like protests that have followed the death of George Floyd.

“America can’t breathe. I cannot breathe as long as their is injustice,” CME First Episcopal Bishop Henry Williamson said.

“We are tired of making hashtags. We are tired of going to funerals. We are tired of seeing mothers cry. We are tired of having to say black lives matter,” another member said.

Members encouraged families to have difficult conversations with their children and families about the situation going on across the country.

The Memphis Chapter of the NAACP is also working on voter registration drives in order to help people make sure their voices are being heard and implement change.

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