Mystery man impersonates husband, steals car from Memphis hospital valet

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A visit to a local hospital left one woman with a lot of frustration but no transportation. The victim handed over her keys to one stranger willingly, and then another stranger swooped in to take advantage of the situation.

Drivers using valet at Regional One Hospital expect to drive up and drop off their vehicles, but what they don’t expect is for their vehicles to disappear. Unfortunately, one Memphis woman said that’s exactly what happened after handing her keys over to an attendant with AmeriPark.

The woman said Wednesday she was headed to Labor and Delivery to support her sister. After leaving the hospital, she was told her car was picked up by her husband, as described in a police report.

But the victim didn’t come to the hospital with anyone.

As it turns out, a man may have been waiting and watching as the victim handed over her keys.

Police said a man walked up to the valet booth, asking if his wife dropped the car off.

The man specified what car he was referring to, the attendant handed him the key, and the mystery man took off.

It’s a case of driver deceit that has some like David Nelson, who drives for a living, empathizing with the victim.

“Very frustrated,” he said. “Your vehicle gets back and forth to places you need to get to.”

While others like Franchesca Wilson said although shocking, it’s not too surprising to hear what happened.

“It doesn’t matter if they are valet or regular people, they steal cars all the time,” she said.

What should have been a celebration of a new niece or nephew has turned into a criminal investigation as police are now looking for the mystery driver.

The valet company AmeriPark is contracted to work for Regional One.

A representative with the hospital said AmeriPark has been in contact with the alleged victim to ensure she has transportation as the investigation continues.

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