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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mysterious loud noise is making waves through a Mud Island subdivision.

“It was just a huge boom. I sounded vaguely similar to trains coupling up across the way, but it was twice as loud as anything I’ve ever heard than that. It shook the whole house,” a resident said.

Neighbors reported the sound wave around 3:30 Tuesday morning.

But this is far from the first time.

Listen for yourself in the video below, or click here.

Sandy Galtelli has been living in Harbor Town for several years. She says she is familiar with the booms, and it happens often.

“Typically it sounds like it’s coming from the backside of my house, and it usually sounds like a car has hit the house. I have gotten up twice to see if a car has hit the house.”

In the recent case, dozens of neighbors are weighing in, saying they heard their windows shake.

They say they thought a truck ran through the house because it shook so violently.

One person says it was so extreme the alarm went off.

A man, who didn’t want to be identified, says his rental property was damaged.

So what’s causing the scary sounds?

We talked to a spokesperson with the city to see if they had any reports.

She told us Memphis Police had information that the booms are coming from Arkansas.

A spokesperson with the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office says they get reports of booms all the time and said it most likely is from Tier 1 Group.

Tier 1 Group’s website says it is a company out of Crawfordsville, about 19 miles away.

By the looks of their website they do some heavy-duty weapons and tactical training. We emailed and left them a message but have not heard back.

But ask Galtelli who deals with the booms, “I don’t think it’s Tier 1.”

Other theories have been large planes, the demolishing of nearby silos or a metal recycling plant that’s behind Harbor Town.

There are lots of questions.

The manager of the plant told us to speak with their corporate office.

We we asked if it was possible if they were the source of the noise. He said he didn’t know.