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MARIANNA, Ark. — Fisherman say dead fish near Marianna, Arkansas, are a dead giveaway that something is wrong.

“What is killing the fish?” asked Frederick Alexander.

That’s the question that led WREG to take a closer look after receiving numerous phone calls to our station and pictures of the mounds of mysterious dead fish.

“When I first came I thought it was just a few fish, then I looked down and it goes way down there to down there, just nothing but dead fish. It looks and it smells disgusting,” added Alexander.

Fisherman say there are plenty of fish to be caught — that is, if you can get past the repulsive smell by the water.

WREG reached out to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to see if they knew about the dead fish.

“I wouldn’t eat the fish, looking like this, if I catch anything I’m going to throw it back,” said Alexander.

The department claimed they didn’t know anything about the fish turning up on the bank but immediately sent out an inquiry to the water and hazardous waste divisions.

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality says they are working to get to the bottom of the matter so that they can inform the public of a safety issue if needed.