Multi-vehicle crash blocks traffic on Highway 78

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Icy road conditions in some parts of the Mid-South made driving treacherous Tuesday morning.

The West bound traffic on a section of Highway 78 and Interstate 22 in Marshall County was blocked off for a few hours following a multi-vehicle crash.

That accident near the Red Banks exit also involved some tractor trailers.

It was one of two different accidents in the same area.

Traffic was backed for nearly two miles as Holly Springs police diverted drivers, mainly 18-wheelers, from US 78 to 178.

WREG watched as police tried to pull one semi-truck back on the interstate and prepared to tow away the cabin of another 18-wheeler and a pickup truck from the median.

“I was just talking to the driver behind me. We were checking out the roads and heard something on cb. They said there was a cab up there with a frame,” said a truck driver.

Steve Rizza and Marty Alvis pulled their semi trucks to the side of US 78 around 10 p.m. Monday night when it started raining.

Riza is driving some gas pipes from Birmingham, Alabama to a gas company in Wichita, Kansas.

“I haven’t found a load yet I picked up that is worth my life or somebody else’s,” Alvis said.

Alvis who is driving some dry goods from Atlanta to Anderson, Missouri agrees.

He says once the wreck was cleared, he planned to wait until he was sure US 78 was safe to travel.

“I could have a nuclear bomb, and I wouldn’t be moving right now,” Anderson said.

To give you an idea how dangerous the interstate was, as police were working the crash in the West bound lane there was a crash in the East bound lane involving two vehicles.

A tractor trailer also fished tailed behind them.

WREG’s photographer was close by when that happened.

The crashes were enough to shake up the experienced drivers a little bit.

“You can’t make money if you don’t stay alive,” Anderson said.

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