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(Panola County, MS)  Nita Saba told us her neighborhood has been a quiet, peaceful place for the nine years she’s lived there.

That’s why news of a series of recent burglaries has her worried, because she didn’t even know they were going on. ”This area, it just doesn’t seem like anything like that would go on here in this area”.

But in just the last week, Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby says burglars have broken into homes in broad daylight while people are working.

He says they’re getting in any way they can and taking as many valuable items as they can carry, ”Mostly guns, anything they can carry off, big enough that two people can carry off, so the suspects will be at least two or more”.

He believes they’re trading the valuables for drugs and says it won’t stop until neighbors get involved and start looking out for anything unusual. ”We’re out after ‘em and will eventually catch ‘em but making the public aware, that you need to get pen and paper with you. Watch your neighbor’s home. Be nosy.”

He says his deputies will even run tag numbers if neighbors call them in and help investigators get on the trail of these thieves before they hit more homes.

Saba says that’s a good idea, one that probably never occurred to people who moved to the area for it’s lack of crime. ”I think they should be looking out after each other a little more, knowing what’s going on in the neighborhood”.

Right now, there’s no description of the suspects.

Sheriff Darby says anyone with any information, or who sees anything out of the ordinary should call the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, or North Mississippi Crime Stoppers at (800) 729-2169.