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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mississippi man plead guilty to aiming a laser pointer at airplanes, U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Murphy Jr. said.

According to the press release, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) agents notified the FBI Memphis Field Office on July 15 that planes were constantly being struck by a green laser coming from the Hardeman County, Tennessee and Benton County, Mississippi area.

On July 16, Memphis International Airport’s Air Traffic Control told agents that aircraft in the Saulsbury, Tennessee area was being struck by a laser. When agents began monitoring the area, they could see a general location of the laser, but the lasering stopped before they could find a specific origin.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) established surveillance on August 11 near Saulsbury with a camera on aircraft. TBI flew over the Hardeman County area several times around 9:30 p.m. and reported laser strikes almost immediately.

The surveillance equipment pinpointed an individual, later identified as Eugene Conrad, 52, standing in front of a home in Michigan City, Mississippi.

U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Murphy Jr. said there were 49 strikes by a green laser on aircraft from January 1 to July 15.