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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Drivers in downtown Memphis are asked to beware. Police are reminding you to double check the locks on your doors when you park. Officers said they’re seeing an increase in vehicle break-ins.

Police said thieves are looking for people who are being careless, leaving things out in plain view in their cars like purses or electronics, or even leaving their doors unlocked.

Galen Higgins was out walking in downtown Memphis Tuesday afternoon. He has two prized and pricey cameras.

“I’ve got a digital SLR and a film camera, 35mm,” he said.

For him, there’s no way he would leave them in his car. He was walking with the cameras around his neck Tuesday.

“I honestly take it with me everywhere I go. I don’t even leave it in the trunk. I just think it’s best to take it with you and keep it safe,” Higgins said.

Police say not everyone is so careful and still leave their things out in the open.

“You’d be surprised by how many people lock their doors or some don’t even lock their doors. They think that they’re going to return to their cars and their property is still going to be there,” Major Anthony Rudolph with the Memphis Police Department said.

With the start of the nice weather, more people are out downtown.

Rudolph said it’s hard to say what parts of downtown get hit the most, but said parking garages are one prime location.

MPD said they do have some cameras monitoring downtown. This month, they posted this picture of a suspect wanted for a car burglary in the area of Gayoso and Front Streets.

WREG asked MPD for the number of reported burglaries in downtown in the last three months but have not heard back.