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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say an off-duty officer’s firearm was stolen after he left it behind in the bathroom. By the time he realized he forgot it, the gun was already gone.

“That’s pretty bad,” Eric Gilliam said. “We’ve got enough guns on the street as is.”

Gilliam added he’s dumbfounded by this latest break in the case. He originally thought the gun was taken from the officer’s car.

It turns out Monday night, Lester Hobbs was working his second job at Dillard’s in Oak Court Mall when he went to use the bathroom, and then left his gun on the towel holder.

Gilliam calls it neglect of duty.

“When you are talking about a gun, yeah. There’s no other way to look at it,” he said.

Carol asked us not to use her last name, but says she goes to Oak Court Mall once a month with her grandkids. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if they found a gun in the bathroom.

“I’m worried about my grandchildren more than anything. I hope this officer is reprimanded in some fashion,” she said.

Police still don’t have a suspect in this case. The security cameras in that part of the store weren’t working at the time of this crime, which makes the job of finding the gun more difficult.

Gilliam said, “I believe it was a mistake; everyone makes mistakes.”