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(Memphis) James Valentine has resigned from the Memphis Police Department just days after his arrest for aggravated assault and robbery.

Police say Valentine walked into the bedroom at 870 Crossfield Cove with his MPD -issued gun and found his ex-girlfriend Katrina Barr in bed with another man.

When Officer Valentine saw them, he told the man to get up and get out and waved a handgun at them.

Police now confirm Valentine had his police-issued gun and that he escorted Bradley out of the house.

Now Valentine faces aggravated assault and burglary charges.

His ex-girlfriend says he did not have permission to enter the house, even though he had keys.

She says she tried to get the keys back.

A trusted source tells News Channel 3 Valentine’s internal affairs file is pretty thick with a number of alleged domestic abuse incidents in the past.

“Type of person he was when I talked to him, he seemed like a pretty  nice person,” says one man who lives across the street from Valentine.

Neighbors who know James Valentine say it doesn’t sound like something he would do.

They have seen him at his North Memphis home on the other side of town.

It’s still not clear who he lives with at the house, but they know one thing — he is a cop.

Now, he is a cop accused of a crime.

“You hear about Memphis Police in the news all the time. They are just as crooked as ever, just like the citizens here,” says another neighbor.

Sources tell us people should not be too quick to judge.

There may be more to the story and Valentine and his ex-girlfriend may have lived together and have children, which could put the burglary charge in question.

We are likely to hear more details when the case heads to court and Officer Valentine will have some explaining to do.

We are also likely to learn more about Officer Valentine from his police personnel files, which are by law open to any and everyone.

Yet we received an email Monday from Memphis Police that because this case is under investigation, we cannot see those files.

Our source reports they are lengthy, with alleged past domestic incidents.