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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A ride to remember and reflect.

Memphis Police Lt. Andre Pruitt is joining Los Angeles police biking across the country to honor officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“I was like, ‘Yeah! I’m ready!'” said Pruitt.

One officer Pruitt said he will be thinking about is Officer Verdell Smith when he was hit and killed near Beale Street by a suspected gunman who investigators say was leading them on a chase.

“It’s a great honor to honor other officers,” said Pruitt.

It will take the group five days to get to Washington D.C. where Director Michael Rallings and Smith’s family will be waiting for a National Police Week ceremony.

LAPD officers have already been biking for 11 days. Their total journey is 3,000 miles.

“Too many officers have given their lives,” said Michael Gomez with LAPD. “You think about it the entire ride. We’re always thinking about it.”

The group left Memphis Friday afternoon while friends, family and fellow officers cheered them on.

Pruitt said his goal is make sure fallen officers and their families are not forgotten.