MPD investigates officer’s texts to women he claimed to have pulled over


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department confirms it is investigating one of its officers after it emerged he sent unsolicited text messages to several women.

In one message, he claims to have previously pulled the woman over for speeding, but she tells WREG this wasn’t the case.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she made MPD aware of the text messages on September 4.

She said she received the first one the previous night as she was driving home. It read, ‘next time don’t be speeding lol.’

“And then I’m like, ‘Who is this?'” said the woman.

The sender identified himself as a Memphis police officer and sent the woman a picture of himself. After viewing the photo, MPD confirmed it’s one of their officers but wouldn’t release his name.

“He sent the picture and then he was like, ‘I didn’t just pull you over on Austin Peay?’ I said, ‘No, sir.’ ‘Well, I’m on Austin Peay if you want to get pulled over,'” she recounted.

In an August 30 message sent to a different woman from the same phone number, the officer wrote: ‘Give me a chance and everything will be ok and be better for you. Send me a pic. I know you can do that.’

When the recipient asked if the officer was married, he replied, ‘I’m not single but its [sic] a conversation that we need to have.’

A call to the number the messages were sent from went straight to voicemail Wednesday.

“I’m kind of irritated because, like, how did you get my number? How did you get any of the girls’ numbers? You didn’t pull any of us over so, like, what did you do? Run a tag number or something?” the first woman said.

The officer ended his September 3 conversation with the first woman by asking which part of town she lived in and then wrote: ‘don’t miss a possible blessing being close-minded.’

“That was my last message, him telling me don’t miss out on a blessing. But yeah, I was like, I will pass,” said the woman.

Police say the officer has been assigned to desk duty as they continue to investigate.

They’re asking women who’ve had similar experiences with this officer or other offices to call them at 901-636-4966.

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