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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After three shootings involving kids over the weekend, Memphis Police are making it easy for you to keep your gun safe.

They’re giving away gun locks for free, but several people have contacted us asking if this is a hoax, wondering if it’s an attempt by police to get unlicensed guns off the streets.

We spoke with police, and they say every police station is giving away gun locks for free, no strings attached and no questions asked.

“As a parent myself, I find this very heartbreaking to see this happened to anybody’s child,” said Officer Marion Hannah, the MPD firearms instructor. “You want to do everything you can to protect your children, and if you’re a gun owner, you have to be a responsible gun owner.”

It was a tragic weekend involving children and guns in the city. Three children were shot, and two of them died.

Officer Hannah says too many children are dying simply because parents refuse to safely secure their weapons and educate their kids about gun safety.

“Talk to your children about the importance of gun safety, and if you don’t know much about guns, you can always take them to classes,” said Officer Hannah. “One of the ranges here offers classes to children.”

“If they happened to come across a gun, one of the things that they stress in our children’s program is telling your kids to stop, don’t touch it, run away and go tell an adult.”

MPD wants everyone to know you can go to your local precinct and ask for a gun lock for free, no questions asked, and if you decide to buy your own lock, Officer Hannah shows us different options.

“Something like this that’s very small and compact can run you about $27 or something like that, and as you can see there’s a code here you can put in, or this one here has a key where you can access,” said Hannah.

“This one here runs a little bit more, I believe this one is close to about 100 bucks.”

But you can never put a price tag on someone’s life.

“One is a cable lock which actually goes through the bottom and coming out of the ejection port here, secured with a key or a trigger lock something that you can secure the weapon with this way so nobody can gain access to the trigger ’cause that’s ultimately what’s going to make the gun go bang,” said Officer Hannah.

Officer Hannah says kids are a lot smarter than you think and they know where you store your gun, so again, the best advice is to educate your kids and pick up at free lock at the any MPD precinct.