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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of guns are in the hands of criminals in Memphis and the police director blames lawmakers.

So far this year, three guns are reported stolen out of cars on average every day in Memphis.

“Unfortunately, I do think the number will continue to grow,” said Director Michael Rallings. “It’s three times higher than it was in 2013. 358 compared to 1,104.”

In 2013, state lawmakers passed a law that went into effect the following year allowing drivers to carry lawfully owned firearms in their cars without a carry permit.

“Many of these young man we have talk to they go out purposefully looking to find guns in cars,” said Rallings.

He said the stats prove it. You can see this year, the highest number yet of guns reported stolen out of cars.

“Extending the house to the car was not a good idea in his have negative consequences,” he said. “If we removed the access to these guns, you know criminal access, we will probably be able to nicely reduce the amount of crimes that are being committed.”

State Rep. Mark White, R-East Memphis, supported the law, but plans on meeting with Rallings before the next legislative session.

“It was a law passed for the law-abiding. Make them feel more comfortable especially those who had to drive to and from work,” he said. “Director Rallings, our police director for the city of Memphis, we need to listen to him. We are all for second amendment rights. I am for second amendment rights. That also means responsible gun ownership.”

Rallings said he as well as other law enforcement officials across the state will fight to repeal the law.

“This is not about fringing upon anyone’s second amendment right. I believe in supporting the second amendment. I think we are just asking for a reasonable legislation, reasonable gun control,” he said.

WREG will let you know when Rep. White and Rallings, meet and if anything is filed to repeal the law.