Police: shooters fired 13 times, hit two children at South Memphis apartments


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother of a 13-year-old boy is praying her son makes it to another day, after a violent night last Thursday at the Cane Creek Apartments in South Memphis.

Monica Lofton said the sound of gunshots at her complex is constant and nerve-racking. She said last Thursday her son was shot as he was opening the door to let his sister in from work.

Memphis Police said up to 13 bullets went flying, striking Lofton’s son Monterrious in his stomach. Lofton said her son has been at Le Bonheur since and remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

Another child went to the hospital in non-critical condition with a gunshot wound in the leg, police said.

Lofton said she wishes the violence would stop.

“They shoot all the time,” Lofton said. “They could start shooting right here, right now. The babies they be ducking. I keep them on the floor. Cause gunshots all the time so I tell them to stay close to the floor.”

Lofton has been by her son’s side while he is recovering in the hospital. She said she and the family have been leaning on their faith during this difficult time.

“Praying, we just praying,” Lofton said.

Meanwhile, Lofton’s sister, who did not want to be identified, called their apartment complex a “war zone.”

With shootings being a common occurrence at this property, WREG-TV asked the management of the property about what they are doing to keep their tenants safe.

The management would not allow WREG-TV on its property, but they did answer questions.

“We have a new security company starting soon,” said Eddy Chester, with the Property Solutions Group. “We just took over the property 30 days ago.”

Chester told WREG they will help Lofton’s family in any way they can. After saying that, WREG-TV connected Lofton with Chester and let them speak privately.

Chester said the company is going to try to find them a new unit at one of their other properties.

Police encourage anyone with information about who did this to call Crime Stoppers.

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