Mother Says Police Possibly Over-Reacted

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(Memphis) A Memphis mother wants answers from police about why they shot her son. 

Eighteen year-old Bo Moore is recovering at the MED after being shot by Memphis police.

The shooting happened outside a convenience store at 931 Highland yesterday.

Police say someone overheard three men say they were going to rob someone. +

When officers showed up, they say the 18-year-old pulled a gun out of a vehicle and pointed it at an officer and that’s when they shot him.

Moore's mother questions if the shooting happened the way officers said.

That’s because she says some of the things they've told her already don’t add up.

She also wonders if they over-reacted when they pulled the trigger.

“They lied to me when I got out there. They told me I could go home and they were going to put my heart at ease,” said Toneka Brown, mother.

Brown says police at The MED at first said Moore was only slightly hurt, but a doctor later called to say something far different.

“When I got home a doctor called me. He told me my child was in critical condition. He needed four pints of blood,” said Brown.

Brown said her son has been involved in gangs but was trying to turn his life around, attending classes at LeMoyne Owen College.

“I know my child. I can't see him just up and shooting at the police. It just doesn't make sense,” said Brown.

Brown believes officers are on edge since the deadly shooting of Officer Martoiya Lang.

In 2012 there were 14 people shot by Memphis police.

Just one month into the year there have already been three officer involved shootings by MPD when weapons were pulled on officers.

News Channel 3 asked the association that represents officers if they were shooting first and asking questions last.

Officer Mike Williams said, “If they in fact present a weapon and they point at an officer when does an officer have time to ask the individual what are their attentions. So to say they're reacting too quickly, no, I don't think they're reacting too quickly.”

Brown is also upset she hasn't been able to see her son.

That is normal police procedure because he is in the jail part of the MED.

Brown is charged with aggravated assault.


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