Mother of Lorenzen Wright scoffs at bond for those accused of killing her son

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The mother of Lorenzen Wright's is upset her son's accused killers could shortly be out on bond.

Deborah Marion says emotions are too raw and there is a lot of anger.

"She just had an 8-year bond, so what she wanna do now? We just got her back we gonna let her out to go where?" says Marion.

Raw emotions from a mother on the edge of her seat waiting to see if the 2 people accused of killing her son will be released on bond.

"Talk about no flight risk. Fool do ya`ll know ya`ll just got her back to Memphis in December," says Marion.

Deborah Marion doesn`t want her ex-daughter in law, Lorenzen's former wife Sherra Wright and Wright's co-defendant Billy Turner out of jail.
They both face a bond hearing May 1st.

"Bond? No. That is like throwing salt in a wound. And if somebody see her walking. I just pity her. If somebody see her walking around, not just us... just people that love Lorenzen. They know what gonna happen. They putting her out there. If they put her out they know what is gonna happen. So they are putting her out to get this done to her," says Marion.

She is trying to file a wrongful death lawsuit against both Sherra and Billy Turner in the killing of basketball stand out Lorenzen Wright.

But Marion`s suit has not made its way to court as the murder case against the two goes through the system.

Marion is now focusing on Lorenzen`s kids, her grandkids.

The youngest two, Sophie 11 and Lamar 14, are minors and Marion wants custody of them with plans to bring them back to Memphis.

"I want to get the kids in a stable environment. I want them to be with family that have loved them and always loved them. Just waiting on them to come home," says Marion.

She says the kids, except for Lorenzen Junior,  who is in college at U-T Martin, are all in California with Sherra`s husband and brother. Marion hasn`t seen most of them or talked to them since 2010, before they moved away.

"By law grandparents out rule brothers and sisters and I am living breathing grandparent," says Marion.

Deborah Marion says the oldest, 23-year-old Lorenzen Junior, seen here in a 2013 court case, has been to visit Sherra in jail.
But there is no love lost between Deborah and Sherra who surprisingly embraced in court back in 2013, an embrace Deborah now calls contrived.

"Yeah, yeah. That was a fake hug. That was my grandchildren momma hug. That`s what kinda hug that was and then she whispered in my ear `Deb, you know I ain`t had nothing to do with it?' I said hmmm. I didn`t say anything but hmmm," says Marion.

We asked Deborah if she thought she would be able to get custody since she has had her own financial issues lately.

She says both she and her husband are back working now and stable.

They are ready to get the kids. Marion plans on finding an attorney in California to make it happen.

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