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(Memphis) A Memphis mother wants Memphis city administration and city council members to consider the families behind the numbers as the budget process continues. Buyouts, layoffs and cuts to benefits are all being considered.

“I just want people to know we are families, we are people that somebody is working really hard and doing a job that most people wouldn’t even do,” said Amy Hill.

Hill’s husband is a Memphis Police Officer.

Hill says her husband loves his job and that’s why he continued to work for the city even after the 4.6 percent pay cut two years ago.

“Of course we are hoping to get it back but I just don’t want any more cuts to happen,” said Hill.

Hill has twin 2-year-olds, a baby on the way and now cancer to contend with. Her family is already working hard to make ends meet.

“We have an appointment two times a week and we can barely afford that so if our premiums go up then I don’t know how we are going to make it,” she said.

The city council is considering a plan to increase the cost of premiums to 22 percent for city workers. City Human Resource Director Quintin Robinson said there was a $2.4 million deficit in the health care fund for this year. He projected there would be a $9 million if the adjustments are not made.

“People are just hearing these numbers and hearing this is what’s going to happen and it doesn’t affect those people so they don’t understand but it affects us,” said Hill.

City Council Budget Committee Chairman Jim Strickland calls this a difficult budget season.

“It’s really tough to make these decisions. I’m sure it was much more fun to be on the council in the ’90s when they didn’t have money problems. Some poor choices have been made, it’s really a tough budget season,” said Strickland.

Hill said her family is considering what’s next.

“We may have to relocate, I really I don’t know,” she said.