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Mother desperately wants to see son, but COVID-19, tragic accident keeps them apart


MUNFORD, Tenn. — Becky Savage is a teacher at Drummonds Elementary School and her son Jesse has been a football player just down the road at Munford High School. Unfortunately a tragedy has separated the two and they could use some help.

Meet our playmaker Debbie Wilson.

“On March 31st, Becky’s middle son was involved in a car accident.  It left him without feeling and movement from the chest down.  He’s currently in Atlanta undergoing treatment but because of the COVID situation, his mom is not able to be there.”

Her friends and co-workers want to pay her expense to travel to Atlanta and be with her son, but she could use a little extra help.

“Well normally in Pass It On we have cash that we hand out to you, but of course we’re social distancing,” explained WREG’s Tim Simpson. “So let me introduce you to the new Pass It On baton.  And at the end of the baton, that’s where they’re going to grab the money.” 

He followed Debbie and her daughter down the road to surprise Becky.

“So she is down there waiting in the car, right?”

They try not to blow their cover.

“Will you come over here?”

Becky has no clue what they’re up to.

“I know you’ve been through a lot lately and God has big plans for Jesse. So we’re going to help you get to Atlanta.  We’ve got some gas money for you to go see your son there.”

Becky pulls $300 from WREG and $300 from our anonymous donor from the Pass It On baton.

“Thank you so much.  You don’t know what this means to me.”

Becky tells Tim about Jesse’s accident.

“He was on a road called Girl Scout Road and he fish-tailed.  It had been raining but there was no other vehicle involved.  And as he tried to over correct, he hit a culvert and it flipped his truck.”

He was left with a spinal cord injury.

“This where we normally where we hug but we can’t hug.  We’ll have to take a raincheck on the hugs.  But please know that you are greatly loved by your sweet friends and co-workers,” said Tim. “And Jesse has a great support group here.”

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