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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother said drivers have been disrespecting school bus stop laws and endangering kids on Winchester.

Latanglia Douglas contacted WREG after capturing video of what she said were cars driving past stopped school buses on Winchester near Elvis Presley.

“They [bus drivers] put out the stop sign. The bus people, they’re doing their job, but it’s the traffic. They disregard the stop sign and keep right on going,” Douglas said.

The cell phone video was a little tough to see, but Douglas said kids tried to cross the street after getting off the bus, and not all cars stopped.

She said she almost saw a little girl get hit by a car Friday.

Winchester is a busy road with three lanes of traffic in both directions, with a turn lane in the middle.

The Tennessee Driver Handbook said any car meeting a school bus needs to come to a “complete stop while the bus stop signal arm is extended.”

The handbook said for cars traveling behind school buses, drivers “must bring the vehicle to a complete stop when the bus is stopped.”

It also said drivers do not need to stop when separate roadways are divided by a median or barrier, but turn lanes do not count as a barrier.

Douglas said she called MPD and asked for more patrols during drop off time.

“I don’t want to see no child get hit. That’s any mom,” Douglas said.

Durham School Services sent this statement:

“Durham School Services works tirelessly to provide safe student transportation in our communities. In doing so, we rely on members of the communities we serve to play their part as well. We would like remind all drivers that when a school bus is stopped with flashing lights and its stop arm extended, children are either entering or exiting the bus. The law dictates that motorists must stop. Violators of this law are putting children in danger. Please follow all school bus laws and treat each stopped bus as if your own child was entering or exiting.”