Mother charged after child dies on air mattress


BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — A Blytheville mother is facing charges after her son’s death back in September.

On September 4, Gosnell police were called to a home for reports of an infant child not breathing.

Officers say the child’s mom, Lorina Turner was “visibly hysterical” and appeared to be under the influence.

The child’s autopsy report say the cause of death was a Sudden Unexplained Infant Death with an unsafe sleep environment.

Court documents reveal the child died while sleeping on an air mattress.

Turner’s roommate says she was home that night.

“All I know is she went in my room, saying something was wrong with the baby,” Leslie Murphy explained. “She gave me the baby and the baby was dead.”

Turner was brought in for questioning the next day and told police she had been drinking. When she woke up, she told police she found her air mattress was deflated and her two-month-old not breathing. She told police she put the baby beside her, with another child, before going to sleep.

“It’s shocking to everybody because I can say she loved that baby,” Murphy said. “She did. She loved that baby so that’s why I’m not understanding what went on.”

Turner is not allowed to be around alcohol or any minors, including her own children, as stipulation of her being granted a bond.



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