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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Those pesky mosquitoes have invaded the Mid-South three weeks earlier than usual.

Entomologists with the Shelby County Health Department said they might be annoying, but they’re not the ones that transmit disease.

They told WREG, they have  been trapping about 300 mosquitoes a night.

It only takes twenty-five to be considered a nuisance.

“It’s early for the number of mosquitoes we are having. Typically we don’t see this kind of what we call nuisance mosquitoes until more the middle of May after the rains have kind of settled down” said Entomologist Ture Carlson.

The warm temperatures, combined with the wet weather have brought them here early.

The Mississippi River was also a little higher than normal this year, and that’s where the majority of mosquitoes problems have been along the river the health department said.

It said they needed the public’s help to keep them away.

“Every time it rains police your yard. Go through and dump over any buckets. Anything that can hold water can breed mosquitoes and check your gutters. That is always one of those hidden spots that tend to get away from people,” said Carlson.

While the mosquitoes that are showing up aren’t dangerous for humans, than can cause heartworms in dogs.

Health officials said you should make sure your pets are on heartworm medicine.

Entomologists with Vector Control said they’ll likely be testing mosquitoes for disease through the end of October.