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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The unemployment rate for young veterans is nearly three times the national average.

Now, more than 200 employers across the state are trying to help them land jobs.

WREG caught up with veterans during the third annual statewide Paychecks for Patriots job fair.

Finding a job is a challenge for veterans like William Wright. He spent the past three months looking for work.

“It’s disheartening because we serve our country and we don’t want to come and put anyone out of a job, we just want to come back and integrate back into society,” he said.

Thursday at the Benjamin Hooks Library, Wright passed his resume around at the job fair designed specifically for veterans.

Companies such as Dollar General and Hospital Corporation of America are hiring. Even with a three-page resume, Wright still finds it tough to land a job.

“I retired out of the military in 2012 and have had small positions. I did some temp work but to actually get positions where I am qualified is challenging,” he said.

There were about 24 employers. Each employer has jobs that are available, which was one of the requirements to participate.

“That’s our hope that by the end of the day we’ve got veterans jobs because these employers have open positions,” Mark Chandler with Workforce Services said.

Wright thinks it’s especially tough on vets because they have a tough time explaining how their military skills apply to civilian jobs. He hopes to cash in on the work he put in at the job fair.