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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In an effort to reduce speeding and stunt driving, the city has added more speed bumps downtown streets in addition to the ones added earlier this week.

WREG spotted speed bumps being installed on Front Street at Madison Friday afternoon. They’ve also been installed on South Front Street between Nettleton and Butler, portions of South Main Street and Georgia.

Speed bumps were added to Riverside Drive in early May.

“It really slowed down traffic. The feedback’s been great about how much calmer it is and safer,” said Jerred Price, president of the Downtown Neighborhood Association.

The city says the new speed bumps are temporary, but didn’t provide a timeline for their removal.

“If the speed bumps as being necessary in a larger sense because it slows down some of these folks from driving so quickly,” said one driver.

But some are already finding their way around the newly added obstacles.

“We’re on motorcycles, so for us on the motorcycles we can just find where the open spot was and just try to get through there,” said Stephen Richard.

Janie Salley said she’s all for speed bumps but would appreciate more warning.

“I think you need some signs that say speed bump up ahead,” she said.

“I don’t know if it’s a long-term solution or not. I hope that people just starting respecting our streets, our neighborhoods,” said Price.