More rape kits tested, more investigations opened

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In its monthly progress update to a Memphis City Council committee, members of the Sexual Assault Kit Taskforce said more has been accomplished.

Since February, another 300 kits have been tested or have been sent to labs to be tested.

In all, almost half of the more than 12,000 kits have, or are in the process of being tested.

The number of requested indictments has increased from 58 to 72.

Suspects have been identified in six cases but the victims cannot be located. Police are asking those who have previously reported an assault call 901-636-3438 to check the status of their case.

The task force is now working on prevention and will start an anti-rape public awareness campaign soon.

Click Here to read the monthly report.

Sexual assault survivors in need of service can call the Memphis and Shelby County Rape Crisis Center at (901) 222 4350.

Those with a case pending and seeking information can call the MPD Hotline at (901) 636-3438.

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