More rain and high winds could mean falling trees Saturday

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis has been dealing with rain for days now and there’s more on the way Saturday.

Flooding is, of course, a concern, and so are falling trees.

“I’ve seen a few down already around town,” said Jason Sengel, owner of Robinson Tree Service.

He says the soil is soaked and that makes it easier for trees to topple over.

“(If) you got a tree that’s got a lean or limited root capacity you could have a problem,” he said.

It could potentially be a big problem with wind gusts as high as 40 mph Saturday.

“Buckle up,” Sengel says, “It could be a game changer. Absolutely.”

It could cause power outages across the city. It’s happened in Frayser, for example, plenty of times before.

“It can be rough because it knocks the power out so bad to where you don’t have no utility,” Frayser resident Debra Pettis said.

She is ready if her power goes out.

“I keep bottled water. Yeah. I keep all that. Canned goods. Plenty of that,” she said.

She hunkers down when severe weather hits.

“I get all my stuff and put it in the bathtub and lay down in the bathtub. Yes I do, and cover my head up and the feet,” she said. “You don’t want to leave your home. For real, you really don’t.”

As for those trees, Sengel says a lot of people should plan ahead now.

“If you’ve got a tree that you think is suspect or potentially could fall be aware maybe of where it could fall,” he says, “If you need to move some vehicles or something like that to maybe minimize anything that might happen.”

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