More protests planned over hymn ban at Mississippi school


Brandon Bulldogs Band/ Website

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BRANDON, Miss. — Tuesday, more than 1,500 are expected to show up at Brandon High School in Mississippi with ‘How Great Thou Art’ painted on car windows.

Monday, protesters rallied upset school officials blocked the marching band from performing the Christian hymn.

That was because the school faced a fine of up to $10,000 due to a federal court judge’s ruling they remove all references to religion.

Instead, fans in the stands led their own rendition of the hymn in a form of protest and are expected to do it again.

The district has been ordered to stop sponsoring religion at graduations, assemblies, athletic competitions and other school events.

A complaint was filed by the group Freedom From Religion which goes around suing or threatening to sue cities and schools over religion.
most comply to avoid the cost of fighting a lawsuit.

Protesters say the area is heavily Christian and an outside group should not be able to tell them what to do.


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