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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Paying bills probably isn’t something you look forward to, but more people are doing a better job making their credit card payments on time.

Almost everyone we spoke with says they own a credit card. Although they’re making their payments on time, they’re surprised to learn that others are doing the same.

Dare Estock is like many Americans who owns a credit card.  She pays her bills on time to avoid more money coming out of her pocket later down the road. Others are doing the same.

“Well yeah, in today’s economy that does sort of surprise me, I’m glad they are because there’s no reason to pay more interest than you actually have to pay, but it does kind of surprise me pleasantly that they are making them on time,” Estock said.

Credit reporting agency TransUnion says credit card payments at least 90 days late dropped to 1.16 percent between the April to June quarter.

That’s the lowest in about seven years. Some think it’s a sign the economy is changing.

“I think that’s a really good thing that people are paying on time versus going into debt with their banks, so that’s pretty cool,” said Brittnany Anderson.

Bankers with First Tennessee say there’s a good reason why more people are paying their credit card payments earlier. They say it’s because the economy continues to improve and that gives consumers more confidence.

Bankers also attribute the timely payments to home values, plus stocks are up and interest rates are low.