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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Homeowners are standing their ground against crime and it’s costing crooks their lives.

In less than one week, three burglars have been killed by homeowners protecting their turf.

Neighbors say they mind their own business and stay in their homes, but they have to do something when the crooks come inside.

“Who has time to call the police when someone has you at gunpoint?” Lakeesha Chapman-Barbee asked.

Chapman-Barbee is not happy about guns going off on her street in North Memphis, but she said if someone tried to rob her, she’d do the same thing.

Last Tuesday someone tried to break in to a home on Devoy, just a few houses down from Chapman-Barbee.

The homeowner shot and killed the would-be burglar.

“People work hard for their things and people don’t want no one coming in taking their things or trying to hurt their family. It could have been the other way around,” said Chapman-Barbee.

A few days later, another man shot and killed two burglars on Dension Street.

So far, neither homeowner faces charges.

Another woman didn’t want us to give her name, but she lives next door to the man who shot and killed the burglar on Devoy.

She hates that her neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse.

“I was raised up in this neighborhood,” she explained, “As a kid on this street, we never had this go on.”

Other neighbors say it’s easy to judge people, but different situations and circumstances bring out different responses.

Chapman-Barbee added, “The law says you can protect your house, protect your house.”

The District Attorney’s office will make the final decision as to whether any charges will be brought against the homeowners.