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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Raleigh woman told police vicious neighborhood dogs attacked her Pomeranian and killed it.

This was the second time in a month WREG has responded to a complaint about the dogs on Canyon Road.

“I’ve had this baby since he was five weeks old. He is my baby,” said dog owner Betty Brandon.

That is how she remembered her six-year-old Pomeranian, Shadow.

He was the first dog she ever owned.

She told WREG vicious neighborhood dogs tore him apart when she let Shadow outside to go to the bathroom Monday.

“I get out here, and they’re on top of him, and they’ve ripped him open,” Brandon recalled.

Brandon filed a police report.

She said the dogs who attacked Shadow have made headlines before.

WREG reported about the dogs last month after neighbors complained that they were roaming the neighborhood.

“My dogs are not vicious,” said the dogs’ owner, who only wanted to be identified as Irma.

Irma said she has four dogs now of the German Shepherd and Pitbull breeds.

She said a man who used to stay at her home let the dogs outside while she was out yesterday.

She claimed he broke in.

Irma said she does not believe her dogs were the ones who killed Shadow.

She claimed they were back inside by the time the attack happened.

“I will get my dogs a lawyer,” Irma said.

Memphis Animal Services came out again Tuesday morning though they did not find anything illegal.

MAS reported coming to the home at least twice before in recent weeks.

In late March, MAS cited Irma for having 15 dogs who did not meet city ordinances in terms of spay/neuter, vaccinations or other concerns.

MAS said Irma surrendered 11 of the dogs.

Irma told WREG her dogs were in full compliance with the law.

MAS said she is due in court Wednesday to show she is complying.

Brandon said she had not heard anything from Irma or others in the home, and she said she worried the dogs could attack others in the neighborhood.