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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Soon there will be more opportunities for students here in the Mid-South.

Memphis Auto dealers and the William Moore College of Technology have partnered to create a tech school off South Mendenhall.

The Greater Memphis Automobile Dealers Association announced the purchase late last week and the goal of the school is to address the shortage of automotive technicians.

“What this means to Moore Tech is it could possibly double our size in enrollment,” explained Moore Tech President Skip Redmond.

Redmond said he is excited for the new opportunity.

“We are a private, non-profit and we have the flexibility to work directly with the dealers to structure our curriculum to their needs.”

Redmond said students who complete the two-year program will receive an associate degree in auto technology as well as other certifications to allow them to work in Memphis, and the jobs pay pretty well.

“Ranging from $50-60,000 depending on how much they work and how skilled they are,” explained Redmond.

He said there’s a big need.

“I think they could probably employ all 200 students if we could graduate them quickly.”

They’ll be learning everything there is to know about working on a car…in an industry that’s ever evolving.

“Most of the students who attend Moore Tech are first generation college students,” explained Redmond.

People WREG talked to said they hope the school slated to go in this now vacant building will not just bring opportunity for the students but for the community in the area too.

Redmond says the scope of the program will extend throughout Memphis.

“The opportunity for them to develop a productive career and productive life is just a big opportunity for everyone involved.”

The school is also looking to hire instructors.

If you’re interested in the school you can visit this website: