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(Memphis) City leaders are seeing red after a letter to the editor in the Commercial Appeal newspaper described drivers playing vulgar rap music on the tram full of tourists.

“I can see that, you bring your kid to the park and you’re like ‘Cover your ears, Timmy,’” said Scott Maynard

Maynard, who is from Seattle, says something like that would stand out on his trip to town. Maynard and almost everyone we ran into said people in Memphis are just so nice.

“We’ve just met the coolest people and the southern hospitality is what it’s all about,” said Kristin Higginbotham.

The Cornett family caught up with us just after their monorail ride. It was one of their first activities in town after getting in from Florida.

“The woman on board was very nice, very informative… talked to us, asked where we were from, very nice,” said Randy Cornett.

The folks who run the monorail say it was just the opposite on multiple days when tourists and locals alike reported employees using their phones to play music.

Some of the lyrics repeatedly used the “N” word, according to the complaint.

The vice-president of the Riverfront Development Corporation said this park is “a family-friendly civic amenity.”

They fired both employees, who were seasonal workers.