Questions About Where Money Raised For Murdered Officer Went

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(Memphis) In the days after Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang's murder,  public dollars started rolling in.

Even before that, the Memphis Police reached out to the family.

The Memphis Police Association says its officers gave money to Martoiya's mother after she said she needed it and the children needed clothes.

"Officers told me they contributed to Officer Lang's mother to help her do some things. Tillman Precinct took up money and other stations took up money as well," Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams testified in court.

In court Monday, Martoiya Lang's mother, Vivian Woods Taylor, denied  it.

"It is your testimony that MPA did not send you $5,000?" asked Attorney Katherine Caldwell, who represents Darius Lang, Martoiya's estranged husband.

"No they did not. They didn't send me anything. Neither did they give me anything." replied Woods-Taylor.

But police say money 'was' collected, from officers and precincts.

"Did you get $5,000 from any of the precincts such as the Tillman?" asked Caldwell.

"No I did not.  I have not receive anything from any benefits fundraisers or nothing," replied Woods-Taylor.

"Everything I have testified to in court we know it to be factual," said Mike Williams.

He says the  Police union also gave money to Officer Lang's estranged husband Darius, when he got custody of the children..

"I gave the father Darius Lang money to provide them clothing," Williams said in court.

Darius Lang has yet to testify.

There is plenty of money at stake.

Some $300,000 was raised through the MPA,

More than $50,000 was donated to a Suntrust Bank Account and there is hundreds of thousands more in  death benefits and life insurance.

Donors just hope it gets to kids.

"Anything they needed we want to make sure that's available to them," said Williams.

The police association also wants to make  sure funds aren't depleted to pay attorney's fees.

A judge will have final say on  who gets  guardianship over those funds  for the children.

That ruling is expected around the same time the custody issue is settled.

It's all back in court April 9, 2013.

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