Mom worried over White Station Middle fighting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother’s concerns over fights at White Station Middle School is fueling questions about supervision, and she says she’s now afraid to send her kids to school some days, though neighbors say they feel the school is safe.

Video sent to WREG starts out like any other fight, with two kids throwing fists and then getting more and more violent as the crowd watching eggs them on.

But the mother of one of the boys in the video says this happens all too often. In fact, her son was the victim in an assault documented by police — and now she wants answers.

“It’s happening every single day,” Teilor Ayala said. “I wish they would have more supervision outside the school property.”

WREG spoke with neighbors who live nearby. They say they’ve heard the kids getting loud and rowdy after school but never anything violent.

“I have not heard about any fights at all coming from here,” parent Rob Lyons said. “That being said, kids don’t necessarily talk to us anymore.”

But for this mom surely, with so much recent school violence, most parents can identify with her worst fears.

“With everything happening the world, it’s terrifying. You can’t even send your kids to school without knowing if they’re gonna get stabbed or shot or killed.”

She says she just wants to know something’s being done.

WREG sent the video to Shelby County Schools officials. They said no weapon was found in the incident.

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