Mom says self-described ‘male stripper’ flashed her, two girls in East Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Children were at play at the Cherry Gardens Apartments in East Memphis when an alleged pervert preyed Wednesday afternoon.

Samantha Montemayor says her 8-year-old daughter ran inside with a frantic message.

“She said, ‘A man’s flashing, momma. He showed me his private,’” Montemayor said.

Montemayor says he flashed not only her daughter, but also her 9-year-old niece as they were playing in the courtyard.

“Other neighbors seen it and they said that he was knocking on the doors,” she said.

Montemayor ended up getting a door knock as well and soon got an eyeful.

“He says that he was a male entertainment stripper, he wanted some fliers to give me, but he didn’t never have anything to give so when he said, ‘I’m every bit of 12 inches,’ he showed his private,” Montemayor said.

She said he then ran up some stairs, apparently lying in wait, only to strike a second time.

“He raised his shirt and that’s when I seen the gun and so I jumped in my friend’s car with her and locked the doors,” Montemayor said.

Police said the suspect, who had facial hair and wore a gray do-rag, took off in a newer model white Honda. He left behind a trail of horror and disgust.

“In this area, it was kind of shocking, you know, but nowadays, so much bad things are happening, so you never know what to expect, so expect the unexpected,” said parent Anita Jones.

Montemayor isn’t expecting the self-described stripper to return, but if he does, she already has a plan of action.

“I’m gonna call the cops back over here, most definitely,” she said.

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