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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A woman and her 4-month-old baby boy were murdered inside their own home, and their bodies were found by crews responding to a fire at the house Friday morning.

Investigators haven’t said much about the case at the home on Bennington Circle near Riverdale in southeast Shelby County, leaving details as a mystery. Even so, this is something that’s broken the hearts of family members and neighbors alike.

Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies said 32-year-old Heather Cook and her 4-month-old son Bentley were murdered in their home on Bennington Circle sometime before 9:30 a.m. Friday.

The happy, healthy baby boy was just playing with his mom last night, only hours before a terrible tragedy would take them both away from this Earth too soon.

The shocking discovery made by crews responding to a fire is devastating family members, who were too distraught to say anything on camera.

They did, however, release video and pictures of the mother and son.

Neighbors like Mattie McNil are heartbroken, too.

“It feels sad,” McNil said. “It feels sad.”

She said Cook was kind and responsible.

“I waved at her and she’s friendly, real friendly,” McNil said. “She used to go to work every morning and get in her car and go to work every day.”

Even neighbors who didn’t know the victims are beside themselves.

“And a little child, I guess, I can’t even imagine,” one neighbor said.

Deputies haven’t said if Cook and her baby boy were killed before or after the fire was set. They also haven’t said if investigators have any leads on who killed them.

Family and neighbors can only hope an arrest is made soon, and a grieving family can get answers.

“I hope they find whoever it was and get to the bottom of it,” a neighbor said.

“Like I do feel bad because of the way it happened, but yeah, I will be praying for them,” another said.

WREG will keep checking for updates on this story and to see if an arrest is made.