Mo’ Money’s Granberry: “I’m Not a Thief!”

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(Memphis) "I just want to apologize to the customers, to the faithful customers of Mo' Money, just be patient and wait for the outcome," says co-founder Markey Granberry.

An outcome Granberry seems confident will bear no future problems for his business. "I'm still here, I'm not a criminal, I hadn't committed any crime, IRS has been here."

Plus, details have been turned over to the Department of Justice and the company's problems are expected to be discussed at a congressional hearing Thursday. Granberry says he understands the legal process has to play out, but he stands by his statement that the mess isn't Mo' Money's.

"The processor and the software company are connected to the people's refunds," says Granberry. However, it's Mo' Money's name on the marquee.  I asked, " What about people who say, I didn't my refund on time, it looks like he's having financial problems, that does not look good?"

Granberry replied, "Well, perception, that's all perception.  I think by far, by now, someone would have said, hey, we found out that he has the money, but it's not like that."

So, what about claims of outrageous fees, complaints even outlined in court documents.

"Why should I go to a place that is charging that amount in some cases," I ask.  "Well, we're a business just like any other business.  That's the consumer's choice and we haven't started in one small office and grown to 300 offices by mistreating no one," added Granberry.

As for next tax season, Granberry says he's cutting ties with the software and processor Mo' Money used this year and is open to necessary adjustments on his end.

"Everything we do in the future will be looked at, and if it's any change that needs to happen, it's definitely gonna happen."

Granberry says there are still a few hundred people who haven't gotten their refunds.  He's asking anyone with concerns to call the main office at 901-348-2937.

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