NCRM honoring MLK50 through power of words in slam competition

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Junior through the power of words.

Spoken word artists are gearing up to use the same tool the civil rights activist used to move the masses. This year’s poetry slam marks the 50th anniversary of the icon’s assassination here in Memphis.

The National Civil Rights Museum's theme “where do we go from here”, poses a question Memphis artists are more than capable of answering.

Letting lips lead the legacy. Through out generations words have packed the punch that catapulted action.

"MLK biggest part of the revolution was his power of words, how he was able to transform nations, transform people and transform movement," said spoken word artist Sebastian Carson.

50 years later that baton is being passed to spoken word artists of Memphis using their words just as intentionally as the drum major of change himself.

"Through poetry it gives us a chance to absorb it in a way but its also a way for us to get it in
our heads that we have to do something about it," said Faith Morris.

"New movement makers are using it as what they are really fighting," added Morris.

Words were the spear that Martin Luther King Jr used to fight the power and through out the ages that approach transcends into the force of this year's slam competition.

The echoes of one of MLK's last speeches will ring in poets ears as they take on the charge to keep pushing towards the principles he wanted to see through.

"I don’t think we would have some of the best poets in the world if MLK’s legacy wasn’t left here in Memphis. We are carrying the legacy with responsibility," said Carson.

The slam will take place on August 19th. The entry deadline is July 25th.

This year there will be a workshop in August for poets.

The deadline to sign up for that is June 5th.


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