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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The image of students applying a fresh coat of paint is symbolic at MLK prep.

In the last year, the school has undergone some serious changes, including its name.

Students told WREG they are carrying on Doctor King’s message of hope and help.

Monday’s lesson wasn’t being taught in the classroom.

Students are partnering with community leaders, investing in their school, the way it has invested in them.

Diamond Freeman said one year has made a world of difference, “I always use to get in trouble, but they’ve changed me around completely.”

Freeman is proud to come to MLK prep every day.

She was at the school when it changed from Frayser High School.

She and her classmates are more involved in school activities now because they truly feel like they are making a difference in their community.

It’s a building full of dreamers and doers.

“It makes me feel like I`m part of something bigger, and better,” Freeman explained.

Educators are focused on grassroots the same way Dr. King was. The know they can`t change the world overnight, but they can change their neighborhood one day at a time.

Volunteers went door to door getting people registered to vote, a freedom Dr. King for which Dr. King fought.

They also asked people what changes they want to see on their street and in their city.

Kimberly Clark is the principal at MLK prep and told WREG voting is something they talk a lot about as a civic duty the classroom.

She explained, “Being educated today will help you focus on when you become legal age to vote and make those decisions that impact us daily.”

Students say they are working to build up their school and community every day, not just Martin Luther King Jr Day.