MLGW: “We know your cars are dirty. Please wait to wash them”


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW officials took to social media Monday asking people not to wash their cars until the water crisis is over. In a Facebook post, the utility wrote “We know your cars are dirty. Please wait to wash them”. The plea comes at a time when many people don’t have running water and fresh water is scarce. 

The water was flowing just fine at a car wash at Poplar and Avalon Monday with customers eager to clean their vehicles after the winter storm. 

“You should have seen it. It was a real mess! It didn’t look like my car,” Quarterious Burdett said as he washed his vehicle, “She look beautiful now.”

But that wasn’t a pretty site to MLGW. Right now, the utility needs people to conserve water as much as possible.

“If I would have seen that (Facebook) message I would have waited,” Burdett said.

That’s exactly what Trey Wakefield said as he washed his second car Monday.

“I’m almost done with this one and this is going to be it for me for the day,” he said.

There were long lines Monday at a Car Wash USA on Mt. Moriah. So, we asked the company if it was aware of MLGW’s request that people wait to wash their cars but we have not heard back. We also tried talking with management at the car wash on Poplar but the office door was locked and nobody answered when we knocked.

We asked county officials if car wash owners will be asked to close down until the crisis is over but we haven’t gotten a response on that.

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